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Every day, weather permitting, we operate a three hour deep sea fishing trip from Lyme Regis harbour leaving at 8.30 a.m. and returning at 11.30 a.m. The cost is £25 which includes rod and bait and lots of tuition if you want it.

We always return to Lyme Regis harbour with fish which can include whiting, dogfish, bream, gurnard, mackerel, the occasional skate, conger, pollack, scad and bull huss.

Many people know dogfish as rock salmon but unfortunately the EU has deemed that name as completely unsuitable as the fish has absolutely nothing to do with salmon. So nowadays in the fish shopsit is simply called huss.

Our deep sea fishing trips visit a variety of different reefs. All lie within three miles of Lyme Regis. The skipper makes the decision on where to fish based upon the previous few days’ results.

We will happily clean your fish on request before you leave the boat so all you need to do is get the barbeque ready!

Harry’s News
I saw a ship go sailing by HMS_Dauntless_II_19_04_20

At 1.15pm today, Sunday April 19, my phone rang. It was my mate Kim from Beer. He asked “Harry, what’s that huge ship doing off Lyme Regis?”

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Easter Day in Lyme Regis 2020… Easter Day

This is Lyme Regis on Easter Sunday morning on the hottest, calmest Easter the town has experienced since 2007 and there’s hardly a soul in sight.

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Super moon over Lyme Regis Super Moon

This was the super moon, not quite full, on April 7th, taken just after high tide. This was at the end of one of those amazing days we had in early April, with non-stop sunshine and everyone confined to their homes.

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