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Mackerel – catch them – eat them -PAINT THEM!!

Harry’s wife, Lyme Regis artist Christine Allison often ‘phones Harry up on his mackerel fishing trips and asks him to bring her home a mackerel. Not for supper but as her subject for an oil painting. She loves their beautiful iridescent colours and the wonderful greeny-blue they are when super fresh straight from the sea. […]

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Common and White Beaked Dolphins spotted in Lyme Bay

Douglas Lanfear, who often skippers our boats, taking people on Lyme Regis Mackerel Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing trips, ran a series of dolphin watching trips aboard Ian Cornwall’s Huntress from West Bay. The trips were run in conjunction with Marine Life and Nature Trek, they were not looking for just any old dolphin, the […]

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The Red Arrows soar over Lyme harbour

Sunday July 29th was the last day of Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week. For me it was the most special day of all — the day the Red Arrows return. On Red Arrows day, Marie F and Sunbeam, my two mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing boats, are always tied up on a buoy outside Lyme […]

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An hour with the dolphins

A dozen or more times a year Lyme Regis is privileged to receive a visit from a pod of dolphins. These bottle-nosed dolphins give no warning of their arrival. Suddenly there they are in the area or they even just appear very close to the boat during a mackerel fishing trip. The passengers are always […]

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The wonderful Martin Clunes photograph

A few years ago the actor Martin Clunes of ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and ‘Doc Martin’ fame, booked my boat for a family outing. I was delighted to meet him as I’ve been a fan for years and I knew he lived nearby. It was a lovely, fresh Sunday morning. We chugged out to sea and […]

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First Black Bream landed in Lyme Regis this year

When a boat load of fishermen and women joined Harry May for a three hour deep sea fishing trip from Lyme Regis they didn’t know they were in for a very good morning’s sport. Anchoring on some rocky ground two and a quarter miles south of the town in no time at all a specimen […]

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Harry’s News
COVID-19 Rules Covid

Covid 19 rules for tripping boats from 4 July 2020

Dorset council have given us new rules to keep everybody safe while out mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing from Lyme Regis harbour.

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Paradise lost and found – see the story of Harry’s family home Old House

View Harry May on the Coast programme talking about the loss of his family home in 1963. Click HERE to view

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The Incredible Journey Lino cut of Marie F by Pete Waterfall

We boarded a ferry to Calais and four and a half months later we arrived in Australia, having travelled overland through fifteen countries.

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