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This came my way this morning and I'm sharing it with you all

An extract from a poem: Kitty O’Meara And the people stayed at home.And read books, and listened, and rested and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.Some met their shadows….. And when danger passed, and the […]

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Wednesday's sunrise over West Bay

No, its not a tornado. It’s sunrise over West Bay. This picture shows Abbotsbury getting a very heavy shower but West Bay just missing it. The date is March 11th and the forecast promises several hours of sunshine today……at long last. The weatherman hinted at a few days of high pressure next week. This means […]

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Storm Jorge rainbow over Lyme Bay

This stunning picture was snapped by Christine during Storm Jorge. The photo was taken later on in the day on February 29 as the winds started to drop a little. A very strong intense rain storm had just passed across Lyme Bay and this was the scene immediately afterwards. Notice the colour of the sea […]

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Storm Ciara warning from ITN – Harry is on the case

On the eve of Storm Ciara I received a phone call from ITN Westcountry news asking if I would say a few words on the evening news on Friday (Feb 7). Never one to shy away from a bit of publicity, I said I’d do it. It involved meeting the weather girl, Kate Haskell, outside […]

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Harry's back home

Many people will not be aware of this but, over two years ago, Christine and I were forced out of our house at the Cobb due to the ingress of water. The house was brand new in 2007 and everything was wonderful until 2016 when there were signs of standing water. The insurance company became […]

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My Radio 2 request granted

For the last four years, at the end of the season, I have tried to get a record played on the radio. I’ve tried Radio 2’s Ken Bruce and had two attempts at shows on Radio 6 Music, No luck. Then this year I sent an email to Johnnie Walker on his “Sounds of the […]

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There's a bl**** great fish behind the boat!

Over the recent August Bank Holiday, when Lyme Regis was absolutely packed because of the fantastic weather, we were blessed by the presence of a bottle nosed dolphin.                                                                            Click on the photo to see the video I had just left the harbour onboard Marie F with ten passengers heading out for an hour’s mackerel […]

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Quite a catch for the Woodroffe kids

This party of kids from Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis had been booked onto our daily deep sea fishing trip for about a fortnight and this day, July 26, was the day. All seven arrived on the end of the Cobb at 8.15 a.m. ready for action, James, the man steering, phoned up half an […]

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This fine video was taken just over a mile south of Lyme Regis on Saturday July 13 by Steve Rawlings, Steve got so excited by what he was watching he just kept swearing and swearing as he gazed at the scene he was catching. That is why the music has been added.                                                                         Click on […]

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Harry’s News
COVID-19 Rules Covid

Covid 19 rules for tripping boats from 4 July 2020

Dorset council have given us new rules to keep everybody safe while out mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing from Lyme Regis harbour.

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Paradise lost and found – see the story of Harry’s family home Old House

View Harry May on the Coast programme talking about the loss of his family home in 1963. Click HERE to view

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The Incredible Journey Lino cut of Marie F by Pete Waterfall

We boarded a ferry to Calais and four and a half months later we arrived in Australia, having travelled overland through fifteen countries.

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