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Harry features in Mark Hix's new book about his adventures in angling

A friend who is a regular Independent newspaper reader sent me this extract from last Saturday’s paper. It features Mark Hix talking about his love of fishing and my friend Nikki was very surprised to find my name in the article. “Whatever the conditions, I found the sea rather calming and still do today. I’ve […]

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Lyme Regis Boatmen in 1985

This picture turned up the other day. After a lot of thought and a talk with Mike Higgs I think we can say it was taken in 1985. The North Wall was being strengthened at the time and tons and tons of concrete were pumped in by vehicles that gained access to the North wall […]

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Muse and I – a major night to remember

My son Robin runs our taxi firm M-Cabs. We have three cars and are kept pretty busy on a day-to-day basis. On June 3, Robin had a phone call from a lad who wanted to go to Bristol late afternoon the following day and then get picked up in the wee small hours of Thursday […]

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George is nicked for possession of brocolli

George and a builder friend, Gary, were having a pint together in Beer. It was only going to be one pint as Gary was about to drive his Land Rover to Sidmouth. Just as he was leaving George’s wife Jane arrived at the pub with a bag of purple sprouting brocolli for Gary as it’s […]

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First mackerel of the year for Charlotte and Marie F

On my left is Charlotte Bateman from Bristol who was camping in Dalwood last weekend when she saw an advert for Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips from the harbour on Marie F. She didn’t realise that it was extremely early to try and catch a mackerel but she phoned up any way, booked a trip […]

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Biggest low tide I've ever seen

To anyone not sure what they are looking at, here this is a photo taken from the end of the North Wall in Lyme Regis harbour at 2pm on Sunday March 24th. It shows the biggest low tide I have ever seen in my life. The photo was taken by a phone using the panoramic […]

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Irene joins Kate and Saoirse for Ammonite filming

Here is the 124ft two masted ketch Irene looking very, very good having just arrived in Lyme Regis harbour and getting ready for the filming of ‘Ammonite‘, the story of Mary Anning, the 19th century fossil hunter, starring Kate Winslet. Various boats have been temporarily moved to other moorings as the film company want things […]

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Mary Anning's Ammonite Extra Richard Gibbons

This is my friend Richard Gibbons who owns Tower Services, Seaton’s number one petrol station with everything else included. Richard recently saw the advert asking people with facial hair to apply for a job as an extra in the new film called Ammonite about Mary Anning, the Lyme Regis fossil hunter. He duly sent off […]

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Why fossil hunters carry hammers

Here is the reason fossil hunters carry hammers ! My friend Nikki, who spends every minute on Lyme’s beaches whenever she visits the town, was just starting out hunting for her treasures on Charmouth beach when she spotted just a corner of this fossil sticking out of the sand. The first photo shows what she […]

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Harry’s News
COVID-19 Rules Covid

Covid 19 rules for tripping boats from 4 July 2020

Dorset council have given us new rules to keep everybody safe while out mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing from Lyme Regis harbour.

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Paradise lost and found – see the story of Harry’s family home Old House

View Harry May on the Coast programme talking about the loss of his family home in 1963. Click HERE to view

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The Incredible Journey Lino cut of Marie F by Pete Waterfall

We boarded a ferry to Calais and four and a half months later we arrived in Australia, having travelled overland through fifteen countries.

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